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Domestic Animals

Home Visits offer a stress free alternative for your pet, they are ideal if your pet is older and likes the comfort of their own home compared to a cattery or other similar boarding establishment.

Home Visits are for a wide range of pets from dogs, cats, snakes, mice, poultry, fish and other such small home based pets. Included in this service for dogs is a playtime and/or walk.

A lot of cat owners use this service as cats are good pets to keep at home whilst you are away - with the odd visit to ensure they are well and have fresh food and water. Cat litters are changed regularly and cuddles given if permitted by the pussy cat.


Waggs offers home visits for owners of livestock animals ranging from poultry, sheep, alpacas, horses, donkeys and cattle. Your livestock will be fed, monitored and any requirements attended too. Waggs will feed and monitor your animals as well as providing medication administration, wound dressings as directed, collection of eggs, attending to your rubbish bins and collection of mail if requested.

This service also gives the owner the reassurance that your home is being checked on a regular basis when away. We are happy to water plants, close curtains and turn lights on or off should you require it.

This service operates within the Kinglake and Pheasant Creek area for fees starting from $20 for one visit or $35 per day for two visits. Prices may vary depending on the number of tasks required. Prices negotiable on 5 days or more. Other areas are serviced with prices to be advised on application.

Time of visits to be arranged upon booking

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