"Caring for your companions in my own home"


Waggs Bed and Breakfast is caring for your companion in my own home as one of the family. Our pet boarding service is available for those times when you need to be away from home whether you are going on holiday, into hospital or working away from home, we can provide the peace of mind that your pet is being well cared for.

This service appeals to people with inside dogs that are accustomed to all the creature comforts of home. Your dog is treated as if it was my very own, with access to my dog friendly home and garden.

Waggs also gives your pets room to move, run and enjoy the great outdoors. A beautiful sun room, couches to lounge on and the freedom to be one of my family in my home.

Special needs dogs are commonly catered for as well as dogs on special diets and medications. Please note owners are required to supply their pets normal food so as to avoid possible stomach upsets by a sudden change in diet.  Your dogs are required to be friendly with other dogs.

We will need proof of vaccinations (all our guests require a current immunisation certificate), flea treatment and the dates they were given to be shown on arrival. We know it can be a pain to have to check all of this and get the relevant paperwork, but it goes a long way to ensuring the health and safety of your dog and all the other dogs we care for.


• 7 Days a Week
• Limited Spaces
• Toys if permitted
• Daily walks
• Quiet Area for Older Dogs
• Safe, Secure Garden
• Designated Sun Room
   including couches
• Home Environment
• No set collection times
• Pick-up & Drop-off service
   Eastern & Northern Suburbs
• Special Diets catered for
• Medication Administration

Mob: 0419 562 127    

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